We're barely into 2015, but we've already been all over the globe (and we have the selfies to prove it)! From Seattle to Barcelona and some cities in between, where exactly in the world have we been?



Greetings from Barcelona! Graeme recently ventured out to the beautiful country of Spain for the Mobile World Congress. Mobile World Congress is the largest exhibition for the mobile industry in the entire world. While Graeme has visited Barcelona many times before, there is always something new to learn each visit. Here are Graeme's top three takeaways from Barcelona:

  1. Biggest takeaway was seeing different parts of the city and being blown away by how beautiful it is. But- could not get my head around the fact there were no outlets at the arrivals hall in the airport which is not good when your bags are on the flight after you!
  2. MWC has grown to 80,000 attendees from when I was there last when could not have been more than 5,000. Back then though mobile was not so big!
  3. Saw a lot more selfie sticks while sitting back eating paella. Must be a Spanish thing. #vanity




Hello from Seattle! Steve spent two weeks in Seattle earlier this year. Steve flies out to Seattle frequently and always enjoys his visits. He loves to take advantage of the city's natural surroundings. During this trip, Steve went to manage the installation of a prototyping project and meet with clients.  There was still plenty to see and do during his down time. Here are Steve's three takeaways from the trip:

  1. People in Seattle must tell the rest of the country that it is super rainy to keep them away. Great weather for two weeks straight!

  2. The Market Theatre wall of gum in Seattle is really pretty gross, but still a work of art.

  3. Driving near Seattle seems worse than Chicago, and maybe even New York. No wonder Redmond claims to be the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest”. It’s the only way to get anywhere.


New York

Hello from the Big Apple! Our newest addition to the team, Ginger, recently flew out to New York to check out one of our current projects. This was a quick trip for Ginger (eight hours to be exact), and she spent all her time in Manhattan. So what impression did Manhattan leave on Ginger during her first and quick visit there? Here are Ginger's three takeaways from New York:

  1. Not only are the streets congested but the traffic lanes are narrow... I would be scared to drive in lower Manhattan.  
  2. In New York you are right on the ocean but there are no beaches to chill out on like there are in Chicago! #LakeMichigan.
  3. Beyond the natural congestion you would be expect in a large city, the view of the skyline from the water front is beautiful and made me want to explore all the various neighborhoods and ports. I really enjoyed walking along the water front and seeing the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty.



Welcome back to our home base in Chicago! While, Graeme, Steve, and Ginger were traveling- Jose and Gurleen held down the fort in Chicago.  They went through some freezing temperatures but managed to survive until Spring. While Gurleen works on marketing, Jose takes care of some project management tasks. When asked about Chicago, they each reflected on the famous food:

  1. Gurleen:  I have a huge sweet tooth, and Chicago is home to the famous Garrett's popcorn. Did you know they have a big fan blowing the delicious caramel popcorn smell outside to attract customers? #deliciousmarketing 
  2. Jose: I love Chicago because it allows me to try new things, and this includes all the different restaurants. One of my favorite spots is called The Bagel. It's this Jewish deli/diner that has the BEST matzo ball soup.